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                   - Dan Onischuk 
 Challenging perceptions is vital to advancing understanding or innovation - Dan Onischuk
May I be first to say (?) - "It's better to be an interesting person, than a person of interest." 
Thanks Oscar Wilde for being among the great of witty reparte & social parody that I still try to achieve...

2018: Thanks comedian Robin Williams, Steve Martin, et al for making my early twenties at lot more fun. With the tragic passing of Robin Williams in 2017, I am reminded joyful laughter is a gift of life and of loving, so don't ever let the jerks in life take it from you - keep the spirit of comedy alive in you. Humour-What a Concept !  A VERY BIG Thank You ! to all world's musicians, writers, artists, actors, et al who make life a lot more interesting !
2014: safer winter driving - LIME GREEN or PINK shoulder lines ... my 2014 pdf safer roads 
Free Energy, Free Clean Drinking Water ( posted by Dan Onischuk on Facebook 2015-2016 )
Another thought is that we could create free energy by blasting down to near the magma region and enlarging a cavern to act as a boiler chamber. We then cap topholes, divert seawater into the chamber and use the earths heat create superheated steam to drive electric turbines & to distill drinking water. Drill down as far as possible then start dropping nuclear bombs that that would seal & stabalize the shaft walls by high heat would turn into obsidian.

2016: Alternatively, we could flood desert areas with seawater ( Death Valley USA, Sahara, Gobi ) and use the increased heat and shallow waters to evaporate more water that would create reflective clouds and bring moisture to the deserts. Special care would have to taken to NOT flood underground rivers or freshwater aquifers.  

Energy for pumping etc could be from the could be taken from deep earth boilers I mentioned earlier.  Free energy, free clean drinking water, slowing climate change, reverse desert expansion.  

** Reduce dust & desert sandstorms by spraying deserts with corn syrup - creates larger particles that are less likely to move & a surface shell-skin to prevent movement. **
Solve global warming & controlling climate: using "space-confetti"

Simply put, create a solar reflective belt around the equator to reflect sunlight especially infra-read heat. Shred silver mylar *emergency blankets) into confetti size particles that can be launched into low earth orbit. Before shredding, put Iron oxide particles on one side of the mylar (audio & video tapes ) so as to enable magnetic fields to control shaping & retrieval.  see this pdf (my FB Sep 2015)
Easier to shape & retreive would be to use large sheets of reflective mylar. 

A recent show by A&E Entertainment - Bethelem Star  has various US astronomers excited about anonymous reports which I had been making to NASA since 2005, which also received some US media coverage for my discovery postings on actor Mel Gibson's Blog. Here is a copy of my original 2005 postings which is still at  which shows the 2005 date stamp which is set by the angelfire computer system.  I also recall an author had called our phone but never gave any credit for my discovery, which he published as his own work in 2009. I think the Bible says "Thou shalt not steal..." but maybe he is working from his own version of The Bible 2.0 ...   As recently as 2009, mainstream scholars believed Christ was born around the time of a supernova from 7BC-4BC until my research of 2005. As far as I know, I am the first person in 2000 years to determine the exact date range (1BC to 0) when Christ was actually born according to verifiable, astronomical events. This was later confirmed by NASA, and is further confirmed as a fact by the celestial event repeating partially on 30June2015 as Jupiter-Venus conjunction (see - 17jun2015.PDFsee also


2011: Canmore Rabbits: Seeking compassion and human justice for kind,loving sentient life -

2014: Upgrade the Justice system by creating Legal Review Committee in each province to investigate complaints about laws, lawyers, & judges. LRC should have powers to issue demerits, fines, suspensions. Re-purpose Canadian Senate to oversee Legal Review Committees, Law Societies, Lawyers & Judges as well as to evaluate the the effects of laws and legal decisions upon Canadians.  Why should the legal community be allowed to charge exhorbant fees for administration tasks while doctors, dentists & engineers that save lives and make life better for others get 1/5 to 1/20 the pay lawyers do ?  Doctors Nurses & Engineers are just as capable of making logical, crucial decisions - and should be enabled to oversee legal professionals to ensure fairness, legal compliance & proper ethics are being practiced by lawyers & judges.
2012: CERN, etc ( ps - Lottery odds are 14-26 million for 6/7 of 49 numbers odds are 175 million for USA powerball - people are winning all the time .... so particle accelerator odds should be carefully weighed).
PS - It was obvious to me that the CERN device is so costly, massive & energy intensive because scientists must overcome the strong effects of gravity - which would be negated by weightless outer space.  Also, this would be a good way to build a planetary defense weapon as we are likely not alone in the universe.  So my idea is for two birds with but one stone.  

Summer 2018: after watching the PBS show on CERN research and their findings that confirmed the 125 GeV for Higgs-Boson particles, CERN physicists claim they are now at an impasse as the 125 GeV does not clearly confirm super-symmetry nor multiverse theories. They seek more public funding to explore their theories & to build larger, more powerful super-colliders ! 

My view is there are many more higher priority issues like species extinctions and global climate change that need the time & money. Physicists should much further refine and better peer-review their theories and models first before going ahead blindly (see below - 2017 US scientists UNEXPECTED black hole creation & explosion ).  

Since any theory is valid at this point, I postulate that 125 GeV for Higgs-Boson acutally proves BOTH super-symmetry (115 GeV) and multiverse (140 GeV) theories apply in this universe at Earth.  The 125 GeV is nearer 115 GeV which tends to favour supersymmetry as a moderately prevalent dominant effect, yet also enables coexistence of the multiverse model to be viable so as to extend into this universe. Perhaps we are on a gateway world to either possiblity. 
update: May 2017 US scientists at the SLACK particle accelerator at Menlo Park, California were greatly surprised when they unexpectedly created a relatively large energy burst during an experiment they were using a high energy laser to knock electrons out of orbit - they created a miniature black hole that promptly exploded (Ancient Aliens 2018 - Earth's Black Holes).  This was COMPLETELY UNFORSEEN by the entire scientific community and hopefully a cautionary event to warn CERN researchers as well.   
update late Oct 2018:  I later found a possible solution for what those scientists probably experienced (but did not anticipate nor understand): "nuclear scintillation".
While driving I was listening to CBC interviewing one of  Canada's 2018 Nobel prize winner for Physics.      I was astonished to learn their group received the Nobel Prize for simply using a long fiber optics cable to spread out the components of light - a well known principle of "optical modal-dispersion", a concept I learned in electronics engineering over 30 years ago ! The scientist had acknowledged their work was based on previous unsponsored work on "nuclear scintillation" by another scientist circa 1950's. 

The 2018 Nobel Physics prize winners merely applied a well known technique to solve a poorly understood problem - overheating of materials due to extreme laser light density. Their solution was to use multi-spectral laser frequencies, then distribute the target energy over time by separating the multi-colour light beam into components by using a longer length of optical fibre. Whoopee ! That of is just common sense - there is no real new discovery or knowledge !   
In my opinion, that 2018 Nobel prize in Physics is not for novel or true scientific research & devalues the work of other scientific researchers who much better deserve the 2018 Nobel prize in Physics.

Moreover, it was apparent (to me) the researchers explanation missed another obvious factor to be considered which underlines they are deficient in overall understanding & their prize-winning research. 
End of the World  - TBA

2014.March.23 - History TV Channel H2 - History TV - Ancient Aliens : Megalithic drawings of Spirals may refer to our galaxy, spiral pairs refer to our & nearby Andromeda Galaxy, 3 spirals refer to nearby Triangulum Galaxy all of which belong to our local galaxy cluster group of which these 3 are the largest galaxies. As to the nearness of each may refer to the fact that Andromeda is on a collision course with our galaxy as they are destined to merge in about 5 billion years. Eventually the Triangulum galaxy will also merge to form a super galaxy. Thus the importance of accelerating our space exploration & travel - in view of dwindling resources and degrading habitats, who can say how long our world societies will be stable enough to enable such a huge emigration project ?  Worldwide funding for science, scientists and health sciences (including non-human life) are far more vital than unjustifiably overpaid pro-athletes and sports subsidies ( Olympics rebuilding instead of reusing structures, etc ). To enable better understanding of the cosmos and our solar system, a world priority should be to create a sphere of space telescopes encircling the Earth that work together to increase resolution like those of the VLA from Mauna Kea to Virgin Islands.  PS - someday we may have to launch nuclear warheads or beam intense radiation into the solar core into to reverse the hydrogen fusion reactions that are creating helium - by splitting the helium we should then be able to double the lifespan of the Sun (providing we survive the galactic collision with Andromeda which gravitational effects will be start in about 2 Billion years - so don't lose any sleep :)

April 2018: Movie "2012" - the magma chambers under Yellowstone did surge but have since abated, though there is evidence of a large buildup of magma in the chamber beneath Yellowstone.  My thought is Yellowstone and other potential super-volcanoes ( like those in Japan and Indonesia ) should be mitigated by proactively blasting away the overlaying rock so that there is minimal explosion and minimal ejected rock & ash. Possibly even blasting a small vent hole down to the magma chambers would also reduce potential of explosive pressure buildups. Very applicable for areas like New Zealand which run the risk of super-heated steam explosions should a seismic event create a leaking fracture between the ocean water and magma chambers below.
Aliens on Earth ?!
March 2018: Ancient Aliens TV show recently remarked some animal species are alien species which in fact has been submitted by serious scientists who propose that primordial Octopus species were seeded by asteroids or comets that crashed into the earth.  Really ! Just do an internet search.   

Yet I find it hard to believe that a complex organism octopus could safely travel interstellar space without assistance. What I believe is that aliens in the distant past had been using Earth as a sanctuary habitat as they tried to save various life-forms in danger of annihilation on other worlds. Maybe UFO's people see today are busy trying to relocate endangered animal species from extinction here on Earth.
Some have criticized the Ancient Astronaut-Aliens theorists for wacky ideas - but science has yet to properly explain the megalithic structures (Stonehenge, Machu-Pichu, Pyramids of Egypt) found around the world, and incredibly precise carvings in places like Puma-Punka, Bolivia.  So until science provides reasonable answers, Ancient Astronauts-Aliens predominates public minds.
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